Ramesh’s Modern 3BHK House Design With Wood Work

A roomy, well-illuminated 3BHK flat with tasteful decorations. The use of neutral shades, diverse textures, and fashionable furnishings crafts a visually charming setting

  • An inviting foyer unit adorned with textured wallpaper and a convenient side cabinet featuring drawers for storage, complemented by accents in white, sage green, and brown tones.
  • A sophisticated yet welcoming living room highlighted by a comfortable sofa and an eye-catching accent wall in vibrant sage green, injecting energy into the space while incorporating touches of white and brown hues for a balanced aesthetic.
  • A thoughtfully designed TV unit featuring a low-lying cabinet finished in wood and white laminate, enhanced by accents of sage green and brown, complemented by open shelves for displaying books and decor.
  • A striking geometric-patterned wallpaper adjacent to the TV unit adds visual interest and enhances the overall aesthetic, incorporating elements of white, sage green, and brown for a cohesive look.
  • A sleek L-shaped kitchen boasting a dual-tone colour scheme of white and sage green, with accents of brown in the hexagonal tiled backsplash, handleless base, and overhead cabinets finished in high gloss laminate, offering both functionality and beauty.
  • A practical breakfast table with three chairs situated between the living room and kitchen, featuring a sleek design in white, sage green, and brown tones, enhancing the efficiency of the home.
  • A space-saving wardrobe with sliding doors and an attached mirror in the bedroom, featuring a colour palette of white, sage green, and brown, along with pullout drawers for ample storage and organized living.
  • A warm and inviting wooden wall panel behind the bed, incorporating elements of white, sage green, and brown, adding a touch of coziness to the bedroom decor.
  • An efficiently designed study unit positioned beside the window, featuring accents in white, sage green, and brown tones, providing a conducive environment for productive work.

Client Feedback:

We were impressed by Ramesh's meticulous attention to detail and his willingness to customise every aspect of the design, from materials for the carcass to finish options for the shutters, all tailored to our preferences


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