Pritish’s 3BHK I Design With A Variety Of Colours, Patterns and Furnishings

A spacious and well-lit 3BHK apartment with sophisticated design incorporating a variety of colours, patterns, and furnishings

  • An enduring and refined living room arrangement featuring vibrant upholstered furniture that adds vitality to the space.
  • The living room is accentuated by a rustic brick cladding wall, complemented by a sleek, handleless TV unit with laminated finish drawers for seamless organisation.
  • An open L-shaped kitchen design featuring a striking red matte colour scheme. The addition of a pull-out pantry unit adds a touch of sophistication to the space.
  • A traditional modern dining table, accompanied by tall wooden chairs, serves as the focal point of the dining area
  • A vibrant bedroom design adorned with a cheerful beautiful textured accent wall
  • The bedroom is equipped with a sleek TV unit featuring floating shelves for displaying artefacts and a compact wooden dresser unit with drawers, optimising bedroom space.
  • Another bedroom showcases a lively interior, highlighted by a natural wood panelling headboard design for added charm.
  • The kids’ room includes a wardrobe-cum-dresser unit with open shelves for storing toys and school essentials.
  • The first bathroom boasts an earthy colour palette, complete with a period-style wooden cabinet vanity and mosaic wall tiles.
  • The third bathroom showcases a cream colour scheme, featuring a stunning wooden vanity unit with an integrated washing machine cabinet.

Client Feedback:

The best Home Interiors company we came across in bangalore. As we're very choosy and we thought we'll have tough time as we had very pre-set idea of color and design what we wanted and DC was the best at it to get our house interior done


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