Vamsi krishna’s Luxurious 2BHK Flat Designed With Classy Interiors

A spacious and brightly illuminated 2BHK apartment with refined interior designs. The incorporation of soft hues, diverse textures, and chic furnishings

  • Understated yet elegant design philosophy, where simplicity reigns supreme.
  • A cleverly integrated wardrobe with a pull-out study table maximises space efficiency in the master bedroom.
  • Textured wall paint in the living room adds depth and character to the design, striking the perfect balance without overwhelming the space.
  • An integrated kitchen and dining area optimises the functionality of both spaces, creating a seamless flow throughout.
  • A stylish 3D panel for the TV unit adds a touch of visual interest and modern flair.
  • A vibrant children’s room adorned in white and yellow tones, featuring a bunk bed and a world map wallpaper for a playful ambiance.
  • A well-equipped study unit with open box shelves and closed cabinets offers ample storage for books and toys, promoting an organised space.
  • A practical foyer area complete with a side cabinet for storage, a long single wall shelf for displaying trinkets, and hooks on the wall for hanging rackets or coats.
  • A sleek bathroom designed in a black, brown, and white colour scheme, with a glass partition separating the shower area from the sink/toilet.
  • A floating vanity unit beneath the sink, finished with wood laminate, adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

Client Feedback:

We were impressed by their meticulous attention to detail and willingness to customise every aspect, from the choice of materials to the finish options, tailored to our liking


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