How to choose the right colour for your interior – 11 Ways

When designing interiors, the most difficult task is choosing the right colour. It is also important because you cannot change it after it is finished. It is important to choose the right colour while considering the space’s functionality. You don’t have to be a master of colour psychology to pick the right color. Just follow the steps below to find the perfect tone or shade.

1. Understanding the psychology behind colours is important.

Different colors have a different effect on us. Understanding the roles and functions of colours is essential to getting the best feel for your space. Red can increase appetite and blood pressure, while blue and green are soothing and stimulating, and yellow stimulates the brain. You must first understand the meaning of the popular colours before you choose a color palette.

2. You must decide what mood you want for the space. 

Warm tones such as yellow, coral and cranberry are best for social spaces like the living room or dining room. If it’s a private space like a bedroom or home office, you can use cool tones like sky blue, green and violet.

3. Get The Inspiration

A pile of magazines and Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for choosing the right colour scheme. You can start by browsing Pinterest for inspiring interior photos or flipping through old magazines. There are many ideas to paint your room. It is easy to save your favorite pictures or take them out of the magazine. This can greatly help you with your color selection.

4. You can have a color theme.

Wait! I’m not suggesting that you paint your entire house in one color. Harmonizing all areas in your home is the goal. It is possible to do this by using different colours or a mixture of several shades across the entire home.

5. You can synchronize your room with another element.

To make your space appear more organized and clean, choose a colour that matches your artwork and furniture. You have two options: you can choose a different shade or a different tone to create a color combination. You are creating a harmonious connection between the colour and the space element, adding a special touch to your interior.

6. Begin with the formal rooms in your home –

Although all areas of your home are important, it’s better to begin choosing colour schemes for the formal areas such as the hall and entryway. This helps to set the tone for your entire home. Interior designers believe that each area should have a different tone and colour. They shouldn’t stand alone.

7. Two colours are better than one –

Use two colors in the same room. This will make your room look more bold. Many people today prefer to have a combination of colours in a room, rather than having one color on every wall. This allows you to experiment with different colors while still following the trend.

8. Choose a colour suitable for lighting

You can choose the colour that is most comfortable for the lighting conditions in your room. If there is enough natural light, dark colours are possible. If there is not enough natural light, you should choose light colours. The room will appear larger and brighter if it is filled with light colours.

When shopping for clothes, remember your preferences. If you’re too lost, go with your favorite fabric colour. What colour are you most drawn to? If you answered purple, then try it on a wall in your bedroom. If yellow is your favourite colour, you can experiment with it on one wall. This will allow you to decorate your room with your favorite colour, without worrying about being dissatisfied.

9. Do not forget to include neutrals.

No matter how bright and bold colours have on the space, the magic of neutral colors will remain as an evergreen. The neutral colours create a calming, relaxing atmosphere that makes the space appear larger and cleaner. You must ensure that your artwork and furniture complement the neutrals. If they are too bright, then you should change your plans and switch to lighter hues.

Black is a great choice for interior design. You should be mindful of how much black you will cover. It is best to use it in an area with plenty of natural light. It will make your space look smaller and darker.

These are just a few tips to help you choose the right color for your home. This will hopefully help you choose the right set of colors that best suits your needs.


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