6 Tips How to Decorate your Dining Room

1. Let the architectural details of your house guide you

Choose a style of wood or fabric that matches the design of the home. This will make your room stand out and add character.

However, this does not mean that you can’t have a modern dining room if your h­­­­­ome is an old country house. If the room is visually cohesive, mixing interior design styles can work.

You can have a beautiful stone farmhouse, but you want a chrome and glass dining set. To limit the space’s style, you might consider adding french doors to your dining room.

2. Space and scale are two concepts that you should think about

It might seem difficult to plan your dining room. However, furniture placement is easy if you have a list and a plan. Planning will be easier if your room shape and traffic patterns are considered.


A dining room that does not include a table is still a room. It is important to determine the purpose of your space. Will it be used for entertaining or eating only? Or will it serve as a space that can be used as a workspace, gaming area, or both? This will determine the dimensions and shapes of the table, as well as the other furniture you will need to furnish the space.

You need to consider how many people you are hosting at once. If you have more guests to dinner, a leaf extension or Butterfly Leaf is a great choice.

The butterfly leaf can be found on the Canadel (farmhouse), East Side, and Downtown styles of tables.

3. Mix and match different styles of furniture

Interior design has advanced a lot. You don’t have to use six matching chairs and a traditional table. There are many ways to mix and match your dining furniture. Match the middle chairs with the captain chairs at the ends of the table. You could also line the three sides of your table with the same type of chair, then add a long, upholstered seat to the fourth. Mixing three seating types can make it even more creative!

Mixing furniture can be more than just about. Interior design rules today allow us to mix wood colours provided they are the same colour. You can mix different patterns or fabric colours, as long as the rules of the colour wheel are followed.

You just need to think outside of the box!

Your home is an intimate space that should reflect your personal style. You must take the time to determine your preferred style and design.

To learn more, see How to Create a Dining Room That Reflects Your Lifestyle.

4. The perfect area rug to cover your dining room table

A rug can define your dining area. Choose a material like wool or hairon-hide, and then ensure you get the correct size rug.

Your dining room rug should be big enough to allow for your table and chairs to fit approximately 2 feet of extra carpet around it. Your dining room should be used every day. This is not a matter of a few occasions per year where you need to set the table for guests.

It’s better to not have an area rug underneath the table if the space is too small.

You may have less space if the space is open concept between living, dining, and kitchen. It is a wonderful idea to use the carpet to separate each area. The rug in the dining room should not be overlapping with other areas.

How to choose the perfect area rug will help you learn more about how to choose the right size rug in your dining room.

5. Light fixtures for the dining room

The centrepiece of your dining room is your chandelier. There are many styles and designs to choose from, including traditional or contemporary.

The table’s style and the other furniture should be reflected in the light above it. The chandelier should be low enough to not create a “bulb glare”, but not too low to distract from the conversation at the table.

Cove lighting can be installed in older homes and dining rooms with high ceilings.

This type of lighting is installed to create a beautiful flattering light around a room’s perimeter.

Accent lighting in dining rooms can be achieved by using wall sconces. Wall sconces can be used in any room and create a romantic atmosphere, especially when they are paired with candles.

You can also add lamps to your buffet or sideboard. These lamps, also known as Buffet Lamps, are slightly taller than table lamps.

Restaurants turn down the lighting. Low lighting makes everything look better and everyone looks better. You can make a big difference with a pendant light or some table lamps.

6. Wall decor for the dining room

It is your space, so make it your own. You should love the art in your dining area. You only need to know the dimensions of your walls so you can make the right art choices.

Take apart the pieces that you don’t have enough space for and assemble them. Then, review your selection. Photographs, watercolours, and original prints should be kept out of direct sunlight. These pieces are often framed with special glass to protect them from the sun.

Start by looking at the wall space available. A small piece of art will look better if it is contained on a smaller wall.

You have many options for art displays to use in dining rooms.

  • Gallery wall
  • A large mirror
  • Patterned Wallpaper
  • A Green wall
  • A chalkboard
  • Photography of families
  • Typography artwork
  • A plate collection
  • Shelves
  • Window treatment with a pattern
  • A big plant


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