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We at LH Interior aren’t known as the best interior designer company in Hyderabad for no reason, but our commitment towards the challenge we come across. Each project we undertake comes with its respective challenges, and we take it with open arms. We understand that every project special attention and we give our best.

Every design has its own character, defining the true essence of the space. Be it the commercial space or residential, the interior has to be inviting enough. This is what we at LH Interior believe in. Have been in the industry of interior design for years, we have understood that changing tastes of people and their lifestyle. We are dedicated to making every project unique and promising, no matter what project we take up. From designing modular kitchen to lighting process, we undertake every work with perfection. We take time in planning to check if the kitchen worktop is perfectly designed or which worktop perfectly suits? Which color of painting would suit the interior furniture? Etc. Our professional team plans and executes the project only after proper consultation from the client.

This certainly makes LH Interior the best interior company in Hyderabad, helping to transform the house into welcoming and cheerful abode. When creating a home interior, we always ensure that every space in the house carries its own essence and should be lifted accordingly. This is our primary job during ideation and execution process to give your space the right look. Our team of experts carefully assesses the styling and furnishing of every interior aspect to ensure quality results. Everything, from electrical fittings to plumbing to wardrobe quality, is selected only after perfect understanding the client demand.

Till date, we at LH Interior have undertaken multiple projects in Hyderabad. Be it an apartment, villa, or row house project, our team takes up the challenge. Our years of experience have added to our capabilities in creating interior designing for residential. Whether you are looking for comfort, warmth, or sophistication in your space, then contact us now. Do connect with us to know how we work and our process of executing the project. Build your space with the leading interior designing company in Hyderabad.


Our team consists of people pertaining to excellence in their domain.

Project Manager

Our men on the ground zero aka project managers are civil engineers who specialize in day to day operations of ensuring that all the execution works are done exactly as per the 3D designs and specifications approved. Once a project comes to us, our site engineers bring the final blueprint into action.


We have a strict process on our recruitment and look for candidates who share the passion and genes of always striving for excellence. The HR team has a set process on hiring candidates for various roles.


Our team of accountants performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis, and presentation of a business, organization, or company’s financial operations. They ensure we are ready for our presentations and another day to day operations.

Interior designers

Our team of interior designers who are talented and have had years of experience behind their back of working on diverse projects. They are our first point of contact.


Our architects work under the supervision of senior architects and consists of a team of passionate youngsters who know how and what it takes to match our high standards of excellence at work.

Principal Architects

Our team consists of Principal architects whose main job is to ensure whatever work and framework have been designed by our junior architects is well made and to the mark. They ensure if a project has been given to us then we ensure the highest level of excellence at work.

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